The Patio Marbella


1. Ownership of the website

The owner of the website (hereinafter the “Website”) is The Patio Inversiones, S.L., a company with registered offices at Azalea 223, Alcobendas, 28109, Madrid and tax identity code (CIF) B88347562 (hereinafter the “Company”).

2. Accessing the Website and accepting the General Terms and Conditions

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Use is to regulate the provision of the information through the Website and the use thereof by users. Anyone who browses the Website will have user (hereinafter “User”) status.

Accessing and using this Website implies acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Use by the User. Therefore, if the User does not agree with them, the User must refrain from accessing the Website.

The Company reserves the right to modify, unilaterally and at any time, these General Terms and Conditions of Use on legal grounds, on technical grounds or due to changes in access to the contents or the Website, as well as to carry out any modifications that may arise out of applicable codes of conduct or, where appropriate, strategic decisions, informing the Users thereof through the Website.

In addition, the Company may carry out, at any time, modifications and updates to the information contained in this Website or to its configuration or presentation.

3. Liability and Limitations

The Company makes the utmost effort to avoid errors in the contents published on the Website and ensure the smooth functioning thereof.

The Company declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures within its means and the status of technology to guarantee the functioning of the Website and prevent the existence and transmission of viruses and other harmful components to Users.

However, the Company cannot guarantee and does not accept liability for:

  • The continuity of the contents of the Website and/or lack of availability or accessibility of the Website;
  • Any errors in the contents and/or products;
  • Any viruses and/or other harmful components on the Website or server supplying it;
  • The invulnerability of the Website and/or the impregnability of the security measures adopted on it;
  • The damage that may be caused by any person who infringes the conditions, rules and instructions that the Company establishes on the Website or by breaching the Website's security systems; and
  • Any other damage that may be caused by the Website or the websites to which it links not functioning or not functioning correctly.

Similarly, the Company does not accept liability for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused by using the Website or its contents.

Consequently, Users assume, under their exclusive responsibility, the consequences, damage or actions that may arise from accessing the contents and using the Website.

4. User Obligations

The User undertakes to use the Website and its contents correctly according to the possibilities and purposes for which it is designed.

Use of the Website for purposes that are illegal or detrimental to companies or any third party, or for any purposes that may damage or impede the normal functioning of the Website is prohibited.

The User will be responsible if he or she contravenes these General Terms and Conditions of Use, current legislation, good faith, uses, customs or public order.

Therefore, the Company will not assume any liability, whether direct or indirect, arising out of improper use of the Website or of its contents by the User, and the User will assume, in any case, under the User's exclusive responsibility, the consequences, damage or actions that may arise from accessing or using the Website or its contents, as well as the reproduction or communication thereof.

In particular, by way of example but not limited to, the User must refrain from:

  1. reproducing or copying, distributing, permitting access by the public through any means of public communication, transforming or modifying any aspect of the Website;
  2. using information of any kind obtained through the Website to send advertising, communications for direct marketing purposes or for any other kind of commercial purpose, or unsolicited messages aimed at a number of people regardless of purpose, as well as commercialising or divulging in any way said information; and
  3. using false identities or impersonating others when using the Website or any of the services of the Website.

The Company reserves the right to cancel or restrict certain Users' access to the Website, if any conduct is observed that, in the opinion of the Company, goes against these General Terms and Conditions of Use, the law and any other regulation established by the Company or which may disrupt the orderly functioning, image, credibility and/or prestige of the Company or its partners.

5. Industrial and intellectual property

All the contents that are part of this Website, which includes but is not limited to, information, articles, software, data, texts, trademarks, trade names, logos, icons, images, the Website design and image (look and feel), video files, audio files, databases and software applications, are the property of the Company or are used under licence from the third-party owners of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the aforementioned content. These are protected by the intellectual and/or industrial property laws in force.

Under no circumstances will it be understood that the User is granted any licence or that any waiver, transfer, assignment, total or partial, of said rights is carried out or that any rights are granted over said contents without prior express written authorisation from the Company.

Therefore, any use made of the contents of the Website by third parties without prior authorisation from the Company is expressly forbidden. In particular, the User must refrain from altering, using, reproducing, distributing, publicly communicating or making available to third parties the contents which form part of the Website.

All third-party links to this Website must be done in accordance with good faith and respect the owner's rights, and must have prior authorisation from the Company to include them.

6. Data Protection

The Company will process Users' personal data in accordance with its Privacy Policy and its Cookies Policy.

7. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The use of the Website will be governed by Spanish legislation.

Any dispute which arises in relation to its use will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.